Blog Traffic – How to Attract Regular Traffic Flow to Your Blog

Image result for Blog TrafficOne of the secrets to consistent blog traffic is to post consistently. Many people new to internet network marketing will start up thinking that by putting up a blog, then the traffic will automatically find it’s way there. That’s true in some respects but it’s only for a very brief moment.
You see, the nature of blogs dictates that when a post is made, various services are automatically pinged to let the search engines know there is new content to be spidered. Blogs, especially WordPress sites are generally loved by the search engines but don’t get fooled into thinking that you only need to do this once.
That initial flurry will generally get your site indexed but as far as getting consistent blog traffic is concerned, you need to post consistently and promote consistently. In this article we’ll explain why it’s important to post on a consistent basis and why this lays the foundation for search engine love.
Blog Secrets… Post Consistently
Getting good rankings with your blog and your main keywords will generally mean getting good blog traffic flow. However, inconsistent posting to it will reflect the activity finding it’s way to it. One of the best explanations of setting up a successful blog goes something like this… if you won’t love your blog then why should the search engines love it.
That statement hits right at the core of setting up a successful site. Yes promotion is vital but unless you are planting your garden no amount of fertilizer is going to help anything grow in it.
When we suggest post consistently to your blog it means being routine about it. If you add a post every 1-2 days then be consistent about it. If you make an entry every seven days then make sure you add something every week. The search engines believe it or not, also get into a rhythm. They are likely to give a site repeated attention if they know it gets posted to often.
It’s not difficult to get consistent with your site. Once you get into a groove, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour at any given time and that includes writing and posting the content and then pinging it with your RSS feed.
Avoid posting a ton of articles one day and then nothing for a month. Firstly, this could raise a red flag and be looked at as spamming and secondly, it doesn’t look natural. Consistency is best when it comes to figuring out how to get blog traffic on a regular basis. Post consistently and with regular promotion, you’ll soon put yourself ahead of the majority of blog owners.


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