Have You Found The Secret To Your Success Yet?

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Secret To Your Success

Chances are, whenever you hear the phrase “quick and easy” in relationship to money, you start looking for the catch. Money, for most people, doesn’t come quick or easy. For most people trying to get ahead it’s a hard slog and if you are really careful you might have a little bit left at the end of the month.

A few years ago the book “the secret” and the film by the same name were very popular. They spoke of concepts previously not heard of by the majority of people. Millions were introduced to “the law of attraction” and the populist interpretation of being able to ‘think the right things and you will have everything you want’ was quite the idea, for a short while. When things didn’t happen as they were supposed to, people soon moved on to something else, still chasing that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The reality is the law of attraction is only one small portion of a much wider concept known as the universal laws. These are the laws, supporters of the concept say, provide the basic structure upon which life, as we know it has developed. It is only by aligning yourself with these laws that you can have them working for you.

So it is, with the law of attraction, that the idea of attracting money into your life means you need to understand not only who you are as a physical being, but where you fit in the overall scheme of things and why it is you want to attract that money. That is not possible in a few minutes, or even a few days. Rather, it becomes a life long journey. The more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know. And so the quest continues.

Although the gaining of knowledge in these areas is life long, and of necessity quite proactive, that does not mean you cannot start to see the benefits that come from aligning yourself with the universal laws relatively quickly. It all depends on how quickly you are able to assimilate into your being the new things you are learning.

Have you ever thought that there is something holding you back from that big break through; that all it will take is to break through that one last barrier and you would start to realise your dreams? You can sense you are close, but frustratingly not quite there yet. You seem to do all the right things, check all the boxes, yet never seem to see the results you believe should come from that effort.

Taking the analogy a little further, there are ways for you to get through that barrier. It is not a case of breaking a hole through, because the barrier is too resilient. If you look closely enough, you will discover that the barrier is not solid, but more like a mesh. There are points at which you can pass through the barrier, but they are a different shape from the shape you are trying to squeeze through them. Because this barrier is in the realm of mind, you need to adjust your mindset to fit the shape that will allow you to pass through that barrier into a place where you can live your ultimate life.

How you can do that is another topic entirely. But at least now you know there is a way through. You see, the key to having all the wealth you desire is not so much about what you can do with the money. It is more about the person you become in the process.

I once knew of a young boy who had collected some caterpillars and was allowed to keep them in a big aquarium. He watched the caterpillars eat large amounts and get really fat. He watched them spin their cocoons, wrapping themselves up tight. Each day when he came home from school he delighted in letting the butterflies that had emerged from their cocoons fly free out of the window in his room.

One day, he got home from school just in time to watch one butterfly breaking free from its casing. The poor thing seemed to be struggling very hard, but seemingly getting nowhere. The boy reached in and, wanting to help, broke away pieces of the cocoon to make it easier for the butterfly to emerge. But rather than flying out through the open window, as the others had, it dropped to the floor of the aquarium where it flopped around, unable to fly away. The next morning it was dead.

When the boy explained what had happened to his science teacher, the teacher explained. The struggle a butterfly has to break free from its cocoon is necessary to strengthen the wings to the point where they can support the weight of the butterfly in flight. By breaking away the cocoon, the boy had, inadvertently, taken away that one vital thing the butterfly needed to do for itself in order to truly be free.

It is the same with that barrier that stops you from breaking free in your own life. But you now not only know it is there, but why it is there and what you need to do in order to get through it. Now it is up to you to find out what you need to do to shape your mindset so that it fits through the holes.

You see, i was that boy in the story. In my desire to help, i messed it up for one butterfly. I don’t plan to do it again. Once you have broken through the barrier, you will find gaining wealth will indeed be rather quick and easy. But by then you will be operating with a completely different mindset.


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