How to Express Your Own Personal Style – 5 Helpful Tips

Image result for Own Personal StyleDiscovering your personal style is a form of expressing yourself. It can be a lot of fun and if you are in the entertainment business, it’s a good thing to think about. Follow these tips and begin to express your own personal style.
Personal style is something that can also become your trademark — like Elton John with his crazy over-sized glasses and hats. Personal style has the ability to transform a person, who may have no outstanding, striking features, into someone who can stand out in a crowd.
1. What pieces of clothing most appeal to you?
Personally, I love tall boots, not cowboy boots, but tall elegant simple design boots. And I also love hats, something like a fedora, and I love vests. What do you like? You can take “boots” for example and maybe come up with an unusual pair, or always come out with a new pair. And a lot can be done with hats too!
2. What color appeals to you most?
Johnny Cash became known as “the man in black.” You can use any color that you like, or just very bold colors, wild patterns or the opposite — soft, soothing colors.
3. There’s crazy make up, or drama type make up — what appeals to you?
Who hasn’t heard of Kiss? How about Alice Cooper? Well, you don’t have to go that route. You can make your own unique mark with a much subtler approach too. It’s all up to you and what you like. The whole idea is “something different” — “something unique.”
4. What type of material appeals to you most?
There’s always leather, that’s been used a lot, but I’m sure that there are still some new possibilities out there. There’s skin tight clothes and there’s baggy clothes. There’s wild animal prints and there’s soft, draping, solid colors. Always gravitate to what you like and feel comfortable in.
5. What adjective would you like to use to describe yourself?
Would you like to look at your self and say, “I look bold!” Or would you rather say, “I look beautiful?” Still yet would you rather say, “I look cool and funky?” And for some, “I look shocking!” is appealing. It’s all up to you and what you want to portray.
If you are stuck for ideas, go to a second hand shop. We have quite a large one in our area, called Value Village. It’s huge. If you have access to something like that, you can find a treasure of stuff you might not even have thought of. Second hand stores are very popular now and I’m often blown away by the good quality I find and the wonderful condition some stuff is in. You’ll find neat things that you would never find in a regular shop. And that’s not to mention, at a discount.
So, those are my 5 helpful tips. Not only is expressing your own personal style important to your entertainment career, but it’s also a whole lot of fun!


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