Is Sanctum The New Success Of James Cameron Since Avatar?

Image result for James CameronThis 2011 will be full of good movies but an expected one is Sanctum produced by James Cameron. This story will captivate the audience because of the suspense and mystery involved in most of the scenes. A couple of years before we will probably not be so interested in topics like extreme sports, like cavern diving, but now they are so popular that they are also attractive as the central part of a film. We think that this movie will make diving more attractive as a high adrenaline sport.
Before Titanic and Avatar – among the neverending list of great movies – the audience will always have high expectations for Cameron. We know that Sanctum will not be the exception as we will experience the panic of survival of a group of divers that will start a regular cavern expedition but will drastically change. The plot will get complicated when suddenly a tropical storm makes them get deeper into the caverns. They will need to defeat deadly underwater terrain and to vanquish panic in order to escape from these caves and reach the sea.
Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh) – the leader of the team – will have to be strong enough to make the team not tearing apart and keep his teenage son Josh alive. Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd), Frank’s financer will also need to escape from this caves and will complicate even more the decision making of the team. And of course as a good action thriller we must say that the crew will have not enough supplies.
You will enjoy the view of magnificent caves and a wonderful natural landscape which will truly amaze you if you decide to watch it on IMAX or even better in 3D! Just think about the sounds and images of a quiet sea or the crashing waves on the rocks with the IMAX system quality. Shot set location was the Gold Coast in Queensland what will be the explored South Pacific Esa-ala Caves in the film. Let’s see if he knows the caves and the sea as well as he thought or not.
As you may see at the movie, every scene is quite risky which we would like to thank the actors as we assume it was probably a very hard project. You will be involved with the serial of events that happen and we are sure that sometimes you would even like to take a deep breath to see if you could resist under water as much as they do. This beautiful and unique site could be the last thing they will ever see. Do you think they could get out of this Sanctum?


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