Karma and the Law of Cause & Effect

Law of Cause & Effect

The Universal Laws are laws which govern the way things work.  They are equally tools which we can use to make certain laws deliver certain results by consciously using other laws to effect them.  The laws are not controlling masters if we choose to develop our Will to understand and work with them.

The higher controls the lower.  Even in the universal laws, there are higher and lower laws as there are higher and lower levels of development.

This article will give the reader the basics about the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma, and how to use that to our benefit, thus gaining control over our life and future.  Although I have discussed this topic previously, this article expands the Law in a direction that teaches a method of developing further unity to all things following my previous article titled Mystical Love.

Karma is the law of reaction to every action, cause and effect (or result), and can even be called the law of evolution or devolution.  For simplicity, we shall use the words, cause and effect, having given this variety of other terms for you to have in mind.

Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.  We exist merely as a middle point in the process of cause and effect.   I will use the example of money as that is a common desire and need, however there is no limit to this law, please apply it to every single thing and moment of your life.  My cause is for example, a desire for money, $10,000,000.  The effect is the work or business I do to accumulate that money.  I am neither the cause nor effect, yet I am both as well.

The cause of the money is the basic need of food, clothing, shelter and all other material possessions I desire or things I could do with the money.  If they were all free, then there would be no need for money, and so they are the cause of the money.  The effect is my life, where and how I live.  I am the middle point between the cause and effect, yet if not for my existence, there would be no need for either the cause or effect, and so I am neither and both at the same time.

It does not take much effort to see that our world is an endless chain of causes and effects.  We are just here for a brief moment in time between the endless links in that chain and yet have the power to choose the links that follow.  However, given that power to direct the future of our actions, most humans fail to realise this and are merely ruled by the law of accident, reacting to what causes  push them this way or that.

People call this chance or luck, but in fact we can see how everything that is called chance is a result of definite causes and effects.  By seeing the clear line of preceding actions, we can see that we often did have the opportunity to change the circumstances that effected our lives, yet failed to do so because we left it to ‘chance’ giving up our Will to use the Laws.

By understanding this Law, we know that every action we take will become a cause for some effect.  If we give proper consideration and wisdom to our actions, we can choose our actions based on the effects we desire.  That is how we can use the Universal Laws to direct the outcome of our life rather than just live ignorant of them and live based on the Law of Accident, merely reacting to the effects of our unconscious actions.

Every Thing Is An Individual.  You must become that individual in order to succeed in your goals.

Every individual has a goal and serves a master who has given it that goal.  Every individual also has requirements from others in order to achieve that goal.

All goals have more than one step in their process of achievement.  In order to achieve our goals, we must develop each step to its fullest capacity so that it works at its best potential towards our ultimate goal.  Let us make up this example.

MY GOAL.  $10,000,000   has its goal which is what I want to do with the money.

It has a requirement for its success  which is my effort.

  1. I serve my goal and I have a requirement to be able to serve it which is a business to make the money.

MY BUSINESS, ABC Company.    Lives to serve its master, me, and my reason for creating it, to make money.  ABC lives to make money.  It has its requirements to fulfil its purpose which are:

CLIENTS  who want a good  product and that need brings them to ABC.  Their reason to have the product is what drives them to come to ABC.  Clients have their own chain of events that branch off from ABC.

EMPLOYEES  want to make money and have a good place to work.

PRODUCT OR SERVICE   must be the best possible to make the Clients happy and the Employees happy so they are loyal to the company, and for ABC to make a profit, which is its food for survival.

The chain goes on forever.  Every person has a goal and a requirement to fulfil that goal.  Rarely if ever does the individual know what people or goals have started the chain of providing them with what they require to fulfil their goal.

If my goal is $10,000,000 and I started this long chain of other beings to achieve my goal, I must make sure that each  part of the chain gets their needs fulfilled.

The Employee or the Client or Product has no concern or even knowledge of Me or My Goal.  That is not their business.  I, as the instigator of this particular chain, must become each individual component in order to make sure they are all functioning at their best level in order for me to achieve my goal.  As I become each component, I must FULLY become them which means that while I am them, I am not concerned with my goal.

Of course, I will still be very focused on my gaol as that is the reason for my actions.  This is where the skill of splitting consciousness is vital to success.   You must become two or more individuals SIMULTANEOUSLY and that includes giving an inanimate object such as the company ABC and the product or service an individual personality and life just as you or your client or employee has.

Become fully each component in regards to their part on this chain and be certain that they are being provided with everything they want, regardless of how that effects your goal or personal views, within reason.   Give the product a life of its own,  if you were that thing, would you be proud to be you?  For example if ABC was a photo lab,  its product is photographs.  If you are that photograph, would you be proud to be shown to people?  Are your colours vibrant and correct?  Is your sky green and the snow blue?  Are you embarrassed to be seen?

If you are the employee, are you getting enough money to pay the rent and have fun on the day off?  Do you look forward to coming to work?  Is your chair so comfortable and your equipment so good that you want to sit at your station and get to work?

As the client, do you look forward to going to ABC because you know that you will be served well and your order will be 110% perfect?  Or do you dread going there because you know they get it wrong most of the time and they give you a hassle to correct the mistakes?

None of them care about my goal of $10,000,000 but if they are not all perfectly satisfied, I will not achieve my goal.  And so you must be each and every individual link in the chain you have set in motion in order to guarantee your success.

Build your own chart of all the different links in the chain with your own example, and for each link, find its cause and its purpose.  Then become each of those links and their cause  and their purpose.  Make this chain as long and branched out as you can, until you have really gone so far that there is no connection to serving your goal.

Then you will realise with a clear picture how important it is to think before doing as well as how to determine what you need to do to achieve your goals.


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