Top Hen Party Games

Image result for Hen Party GamesHen night is a party that is supposed to be for the lady who is getting married, and it is very common in the western countries like UK, Ireland, America and Australia etc. It is just like a bachelor party to celebrate the last day of freedom or independence and that without responsibilities.
It seems to be difficult to arrange many games for a hen night. But, if you think and search, you can get the ideas to make your party a success; in fact, an ideal party. You can send invitation to people who are invited to come up with some idea of the game.
Different kinds of entertainment are arranged for the bride-to-be. Hen parties are also arranged by having some sort of theme. Hen parties are considered to be very loud so as the girls can have lots of fun. These parties have lots of games. The most popular game is of drinking, which is welcomed by all of them, because after drinking they incorporate many dare and challenges.
No game is so fun-loving without dares and challenges, because these challenges and dares are the source of laughter for that special night. When they are drunk, they can face any challenge and do not have to be embarrassed. Songs and dance gives a great boost to the party. And, the involvement and participation of everyone makes the party a great success.
Karaoke is another game, which they enjoy a lot. People, after drinking, love to sing a lot, and karaoke can be done superbly if arranged in some bar or pub. Karaoke is a way of getting everyone involved, and participate in the party.
There are some party games that are liked by many people, and they enjoy these Ocean of games a lot. Passing the balloon is one of them, which is comfortable to play if the party is at home. Then, there is a game of dress design, in which you have to design a dress from toilet paper. Just like Pin the Donkey, there is a substitute of this game with the name Pin the Male. This game pleases many people.
Then, there is a game of treasure hunt, in which you can hide various items and each guest would be given a turn to guess the clue. Hints would be provided. Another interesting game of Banned Words can be arranged, in which a list of word would be made and no one is supposed to use those words that night, and if anybody does it, they have to pay the penalty. Making a man with clay is another game, in which the crowd can be split in two groups, and these groups would be assigned body parts and the bride has to join them.
There is a game called Marital Bliss Secrets, in which some words of advice or wisdom are given on small pieces of papers by different people participating in the game. Then, you can play truth and dare. Or, divide the crowd in groups and ask them to write some poems. These are some ideas of hen night games. Enjoyment is a must if every individual participates in the games.


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